Welty Biennial Calendar

When Eudora Welty was a girl growing up in downtown Jackson, Mississippi a hundred years ago she took photographs of what she saw around her. She called her photographs snapshots: they were taken fast, in a snap. Years later, when Eudora Welty had become a famous writer, she explained: a good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.

We are inviting kids between 6 and 18 to submit their photos for a Snap Shot Contest with prize money. We want you to shoot your own snapshots that stop a beautiful moment from running away. We want you to share what you see and what speaks to you.

Anyone ages 6 to 18 can enter. All you need to do is submit photos on this website with your name, address, and phone number. Jurors will select winners every 2 weeks. We will contact the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners and mail checks to them.

In the last two weeks of June at the prize-winning photographs will hang in the upper atrium of the Art Council in Downtown Jackson. Everyone is invited to can come see the winning pictures from the competition and attend the June 18 celebratory reception.

The Snapshot contest begins in April 2015. Online, here, and on our Facebook page there will be information on how to shoot your pictures (cameras, cell phones, etc.) and how to upload them to the contest.

Contest Themes and Dates

Post Snapshots – EXTENDED TO JUNE 15!

Eudora Welty saw the world in ways we would like you to try for yourself when you take your snapshots. Every two weeks there will be prizes for each of these themes.


Have you ever seen two things at once? A cloud in the sky that looked like a dog? A shadow on a wall? A tree that looked like a person? Show us what you can find that is a picture of two in one. Reflections on glass? Reflections on water? A photograph of a fishbowl with something behind it? Show in your snapshot how two things can happen at once.


We are looking for an image that tells a story about time by combining something old and something new. An example would be a picture of a new building next to an old car. Another example would be young children and their grandmother, or new leaves growing on something that’s falling apart.


We want you to take a photograph that shows what is special about something people pass by every day and don’t really look at or pay attention to. Examples of this might be a picture of your favorite toy somewhere it shouldn’t be. Or pictures of your animal doing something amazing. Whatever it is, try to make your snapshot tell a story.



Here’s a snapshot of two things at once. The shiny glass wall of one building and the gold reflection of another.

IMG_0430 1

This is a picture of an old wall and new vending machines. Nice difference in the colors, too: the faded brick, the bright metal and plastic.


This is in a gas station. A pile of tires and the head of a deer on the wall are both like sculptures. Everyday made special.

Now its your turn – Enter Here.

“to be on a level with ordinary experience, to feel simply that’s a chair, that’s a table, and yet at the same time, It’s a miracle, it’s an ecstasy.”

–Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse


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