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Conversations with Eudora Welty, edited by Peggy Whitman Prenshaw
Eudora Welty has long been in the highest rank of contemporary story tellers. Now In a collection of interviews she has given over the years we hear her voice talking and intimately of the people who have stirred her compassionate imagination and of the art with which she has brought them to the page. — V.S. Prtichett 

The Golden Apples
In the fictional Mississippi Delta town of Morgana, King MacLain walks out one morning, leaves his hat by the river, and disappears. Like fata morganas, the powerful mirages that appear at the horizon and after which the town is named, King is glimpsed thereafter in the woods and on the outskirts of town, slipping quietly into local folklore. Eudora Welty’s 1949 short story cycle is freighted with myth and fable, and King is merely first among its rural pantheon: here, too, are a piano teacher in a rage of love, a cuckolded husband who exacts a terrible revenge, and a lifeguard who brings a drowned girl back from death only to light out like King.- Lettie Rainsley, The Guardian

Eudora Welty: Photographs (with an introduction by Reynolds Price)
It is unusual – remarkable-  for a major writer also to be an accomplished photographer. Eudora Welty is one of the very few whose great talent has been expressed in both photographs and fiction. This book brings together in one volume about 250 representative photographs from the few thousand that she took during the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s.

The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty
…to call up into view, to praise, to love–taken in whatever order—are ultimately a single desire driving her work from the first published story (“Death of a Traveling Salesman”) right through One Writer’s Beginnings. — The New York Times Book Review

One Writer’s Beginnings
Beguiling as autobiography and…profound and priceless as guidance for anyone who aspires to write serious fiction…It may, at that, not be possible to convey to someone else that mysterious transfiguring gift by which dream, memory and experience become art. Yet, in these few pages, Eudora Welty seems to have followed the trail…to the richness of her maturity with a gracious and warming clarity. — Los Angeles Times Book Review

The Eye of the Story: Selected Essays and Reviews
“In criticism as in fiction, Miss Welty’s observations are blessed with a dazzling accuracy.”  — The Nation

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Vision, dream, illusion, hallucination, obsession, and that most wonderful interior vision which is memory, have all gone to make up my stories. – Eudora Welty