June 6 is the day for Theatre, Constellations, and Olympia Dukakis

Let’s face it:  theatre is magic,  transporting us to another space and time, a place where we can live in the world of Miss Welty in ways that make us gasp, sigh, smile, laugh…in ways that make us feel!  On Saturday, June 6 the Welty Biennial will immerse audience members in 4 different theatrical events.

First, can you imagine drivingThe Enigma 17 hours, in a minivan, being spirited along on the passion of performance?  That is what Stockton University students did and from 10-11:30am on the lawn of the Mississippi Museum of Art we can see the fruits of their labors with a performance of THE GOLDEN APPLES.  

From 12-1pm, THE GOLDEN APPLES will be followed by Greenville, Mississippi native Mimi Garrad’s ART OVERHEAD, a constellations video to music, show on the dome of the planetarium.  You will be transported to another dimension of beauty!

The afternoon, from 2:30-4pm, brings the theatrical wonders of Jackson’s own New Stage presenting a staged reading of Ms. Welty’s CIRCE at the planetarium with constellations rising, falling, and spinning on the dome.

Finally – are you ready? – Ms. Welty’s ASPHODEL, adapted for the stage by Curator David Kaplan, will feature the ethereal talents of Academy Award winning actor Olympia Dukakis, Obie Award winning actor Brenda Currin (you’ll remember her from JUNE RECITAL with the symphony last month), and Jackson’s own Sibyl Child as three gossips, amidst the ruined Greek columns of plantation, enjoy a funeral picnic in honor of an imperious eccentric.  This event is a crowning achievement at The Christian Center at Millsaps College from 5-6:30pm.

Are you there? I am and can’t wait!  Theatre in Jackson is top-notch and The Welty Biennial brings it all together!