Friday May 8 – The Phantasmagorical Clarence John Laughlin, An American Original!

Don’t you just LOVE that name!  The Phantasmagorical Clarence John Laughlin, An American Original!  You just know it is going to be something special.  And the film’s creator, Gene Fredericks, well, he’s something special, too.

Here is a mhomeimagean who put together a documentary – 37 years in the making!  Talk about dedication! – about Laughlin who many consider to be the father of American surrealist photography.  When I think about American surrealist photography, I think about images that tell a story, that pull me in, that make me tilt my head as I contemplate and enjoy!  They touch us on many levels.

And Laughlin?  He lived in the historic New Orleans Pontabla building in a garret apartment stuffed with thousands of books covering every available surface.  He sounds like the best kind of hoarder:  the ones who collect art and create art!  Laughlin left a photographic archive of over 17,000 images now preserved by the Historic New Orleans Collection…and we have 80 of them at The Welty Biennial to accompany this fascinating film.


Cash Bar:  6:300pm

Curtain:  8:00pm